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Are you searching for top quality leather wallet manufacturer in China? If yes, then stop your search and keep reading.

Leading Apparel & Acc Co., Limited (Leading Apparel) is among the brands that are fashion icons when it comes to leather purses. We offer various hands bags including high-class leather wallets.

Why Our Leather Wallets

Top-class Leather

Leading Apparel belongs to high-grade leather. We offer thin and sleek coating on the surface. Due to our leather grade, we are continuing to attract more and more customers, especially wholesalers, retailers, and online store owners.

Irresistible Gloss

When you present our leather wallets to your customers, they will get an irresistible vibe to see them just due to the glossy look. We have a strong and experienced finishing department that makes sure the gloss lasts for long. The carrier always gets a feel of something magical in her hands.


As the most sought-after Leather Handbag manufacturer, we take extra care regarding texture. Even after the leather starts to age, our wallet’s texture only gets better. Texture coupled with gloss and contemporary look, you can imagine how your buyer will feel…!


Clean and simple yet sleek. Our leather always shows the definition of elegance. Whether you are in your teens or have come of age, elegance is always a need. With our wallet, find your lost style and get a hold on to the elegant style.


Lightweight but still strong! Leather is stuff that can outshine any other fabric. When the leather is of Leading Apparel, the value gets doubled. We make sure, users find our leather wallet is 10 out of 10 on the scale of durability.

Fit For All Occasions

Whether you need a gist for Mothers’ day or you are finding the right stuff for Chritmas, our leather wallet will never let you down. You will find shine, durability and market pricing; all in one place.

You can know more about us a Chinese leather wallet manufacturer by contacting us. Get in touch with us.

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